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The official website of a cellist from Brisbane, Australia.
Currently in: Churchill, Manitoba.


From australia to the arctic

Rob Knaggs is a cellist and composer from Brisbane, Australia.
Currently residing in Canada’s sub-arctic, Rob Knaggs is writing and performing beneath the northern lights
and on the Hudson Bay for the beluga whales of Churchill, Manitoba: the famed polar bear capital of the world.

Having previously performed alongside the likes of Emma Louise, Jud Campbell, and The Saints’ Ed Kuepper,
Rob Knaggs formed his own looping project in which he would perform and record layers of cello to form his compositions. Enlisting the supporting accompaniment of pianist, Julia Kourtidis, and drummer, Marcus McLachlan, Rob Knaggs went on to release his debut record in 2017.

Up the Middle is inspired by the freezing and fascinating ecology of his home away from home in Canada, taking stylistic cues from folk, classical, and post-rock to create a sound that is cinematically captivating and dynamic. 


"Rob Knaggs will make you feel as though you are gliding through the deep dark ocean alongside the magnificent graceful whales. It's a dream, come share in it."
Savannah Wild

"In the spirit of making the most of it, I stuck around the Chai Tent to watch Cellist Rob Knaggs deliver an incredible instrumental performance of “Up the Middle”. The title and music of Knaggs’ set were inspired by his fascinating experiences playing the cello to whales at sea. With the tent light only by a cello decked out with fairy lights, Knaggs ended his set with his arrangement of Flying Whales. The symphonic yet serene music created an atmosphere so ambient he received a standing ovation."
Danielle O’Neill - AAA Backstage

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28.02.2017 - 
I'm performing with the amaaaazing Kal Barteski as part of her POLAR BEAR POLAR BEAR exhibition on March 3rd at Hut K in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Here's a clip of the brilliant work she creates. You may recognise the music on this video.


I’ve taken the plunge and launched www.robknaggs.com! Welcome!
Here’s to having a strange name that I’ll forever have to spell out.

I’m currently riding the rails through the snow dusted spruce trees from Churchill (the polar bear capital of the world) to Winnipeg (the slurpee capital of the world) for a few special shows. The fresh snow from the past week’s blizzard makes it easy to see all the footprints of the foxes and wolverines that dart through the boreal forest. It’s a two day trip and it takes some time and practice to learn to sleep in the upright economy class.

On February 27th, I’ll be performing at Assiniboine Park with artist/activist, Kal Barteski, for International Polar Bear Day. Kal’s responsible for my album’s artwork and has been a great support network over the past year in terms of creativity and direction, so it’s a great honour and pleasure that we will get to work together in a creative space in her hometown of Winnipeg. I’ll also be playing at Kal’s Polar Bear, Polar Bear exhibition in the city’s Exchange District at Hut K; a furniture warehouse where Kal will be scribing the walls with one-line drawings and I’ll be stringing some songs. Having played the odd warehouse or two, I’m excited to see how this one will go and how the people of Winnipeg will receive the works I’ve composed about their home province. The only “performance” I’ve done in Winnipeg per se is a drunken ramble through “Fight For Your Right” at a live band karaoke at the Good Will; a fairly new bar at the time which quickly became a must visit every time I pass through.

So here’s to new websites, polar bears, and intoxicated beastie boys renditions,
see you soon, Winnipeg.

-Rob Knaggs

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Up the Middle

by Rob Knaggs

Rob Knaggs debut, 2017

performed by
Rob Knaggs,
Julia Kourtidis,
Marcus McLachlan.

Recorded by Alex Miller
in Brisbane, Australia

Mastered by Lawrence English

Album art by Kal Barteski

Available in full at robknaggs.bandcamp.com