One Year back in Canada


It’s been a while between posts, but better late than never! It’s been a year since I packed my bags from Brisbane to attempt my somewhat permanent move to Manitoba, Canada. It’s a headscratcher for a few people at home but they’d only have to visit to figure it out. Churchill is a natural phenomenon of wildlife and wild weather and Winnipeg is a world city waiting to happen. Rather, it is already, but Winnipeggers are keeping it for themselves. That sentiment is felt right now in the chill of the Manitoban winter. There are festivals and celebrations abound for the next few months in Winnipeg, with Philip Glass headlining the New Music Festival; a locally curated Big Fun showcasing some of the province’s most promising acts, and Forthwith bringing together Canada and Europe’s most avant of gardes for a weekend of sounds and installations. That’s not even mentioning there’s a fine dining restaurant functioning on the ice of Red River showcasing chefs from the world over. Come check it out before Winnipeg is considered cool in something other than temperature. (even the Jets are doing well!?)

So, yeah, you’ve probably gathered I’m living in Winnipeg, for now. Northern Lights season has just kicked off up in Churchill and I’m jealous as hell I won’t be there but will be using my time in the big city wisely. I have arranged some studio time for later this week so you can expect some new music vvvvvverrrrryyyyyyy soon. While this new release of songs won’t be about Churchill per se, there will be quite an obvious northern connection that I’m sure I’ll never be able to truly shake. Expect some big amps, a wash of effects, and all the strings.

Other things I can mention but not elaborate too much here, YET.
I’ll be back in Churchill for May this year (yay!)
I’m recording some sounds for a documentary soundtrack (also, yay!)
I’m going to be in a documentary (wait, what?)
I have begun my Canadian Permanent Residency Application (stress!)

I’ll be announcing some new shows soon along with a blog about how I’ve started working with yoga sessions. Thanks for reading and go listen to Hannah Epperson’s newie