Waiting Rooms and Foreshore.


There’s something comforting about walking into a place and hearing one of your favourite records being played in full. This tends to happen whenever I open the doors to the Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg, where they were recently playing Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ It’s Blitz. Other times I’ve gone here to get a fix of coffee, doughnuts, or beer, (all of which are plentiful. Except maybe the doughnuts, especially the reaaaaalllllly good ones from Oh Doughnuts which the GW staff will devour before your very eyes.) they’ve been playing full cuts of The National or Wugazi, you tend to waste a day there.

Incidentally, I’m playing my first ever show at The Good Will on March 7th that you can tell all your friends and distant cousins in Manitoba about. Tell them about the other show happening at Forth on the 25th of March as well (more info to come!)

Before I went on a trip out East to St. John’s and Halifax, I laid down some new tracks at Collector Studio in Winnipeg’s West End for the follow up to my Churchill inspired Up the Middle. While not a total departure from my experiences of the North, you can still expect to hear a balance of gritty and dark with lush a light. Hopefully it’s all signed and sealed up for a release before I run away to Churchill again. It might be called Foreshore?

Those who follow me personally on social media know I bit the bullet recently and started seeking some legal help about future status in Manitoba. I have less than a year left to work in this amazing province and country and it’d haunt me if I didn’t at least try to be able to stay. I like it here. Even the cold. Yep. Walking away from the meeting I was given some options and was filled with some hope that achieving permanent residency is well within my reach provided I keep on keeping on with what I’m doing in Churchill.