New Show for April


I've booked myself another show at Little Brown Jug April's First Friday in Winnipeg. To those reading outside of Manitoba's capital, First Fridays is a celebration of art and culture for the first Friday of each month that sends the Exchange District into bloom, with venues opening up their doors to artists to exhibit their latest works to the public (usually) for free. I'm sure it's not a new concept but WInnipeggers thrive and prepare themselves for First Fridays.

Little Brown Jug is brewing something special and I mean that in both definitions of the word. The team at LBJ have been super supportive of my music since the first day I emailed them. In May of last year, they had the WSO in their tap room to perform which I thought was a fairly cool concept, As I like to think I'm a small solo orchestra, I emailed them to ask how the event went and if LBJ would be looking to orchestrate (...ha) something similar in the future. We've had a great friendship since, with this upcoming show being my third performance inside the industrial space. 

This will be one of my final performances before I return to Churchill, and it's FREE. I'll also have some new merchandise available that day so get on that while you can.,event/88757