The place where I came from




I'm from Queensland, Australia, home to a natural wonder of the world, The Great Barrier Reef. It is dying, and Australia's government aren't doing all in their power to help save it. Instead of investing into the future of Australia and the renewable energy sources we have ready to roll out, our Feds are falling head over heels for a foreign investor to create the largest open cut coal mine in Australia, right on Indigenous land. Living between Australia and Canada where I get to interact with oceanic and Arctic animals, the approval of the Carmichael Coal mine would be an affront to their existence here on earth. We can't fall to these dirty tricks, we're better than this #STOPADANI

To find out more what Adani and the Australian government have planned for Queensland, watch the video below.



Missy Higgins introduced audiences during the sold out #StopAdani Roadshow that was attended by over 4000 people and broadcast to over 40,000!